Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012


Cultural diversity or "cultural diversity" is a necessity that is in the land of Indonesia.Indonesia's cultural diversity is something that can not be denied its existence. In the context of the understanding pluralistic societies, other cultures or ethnic groups, people of Indonesia are also made up of different cultures are territorial area which is a meeting of different cultures or ethnic groups that exist in the area. With a population of 200 million people where they live scattered island-island in Indonesia. They also inhabit the territory with varying geographic conditions. Starting from the mountains, forest edges, coastal lowlands, rural, to urban. It is also related to the level of civilization or ethnic groups and different people in Indonesia. Meetings with outside cultures also influence the process of cultural assimilation in Indonesia thus increasing manifold types of culture in Indonesia. Then also evolved and spread of the major religions in Indonesia contributed to the cultural development of Indonesia so memcerminkan particular religious culture. It could be said that Indonesia is one of countries with the keaneragaman culture or a high level of heterogeneity.Not only cultural diversity but also diversity of ethnic groups in the context of civilization culture, traditionally to the modern, and territorial.

With the diversity of Indonesian culture can be said to have advantages compared with other countries. Indonesia has a cultural portrait complete and varied. And last but not least, the social, cultural and political fabric of society Indonesia has a history of dynamic interaction between cultures strung along. Interaction between cultures woven covers not only between different ethnic groups, but also the civilizations of the world. Labuhnya Portuguese ships in Banten in the Middle Ages for example, Indonesia has opened up the scope of the international society at the time. Relations between vendors and coastal gujarat Java also provides an important sense in establishing interaction among civilizations that exist in Indonesia. Allusion-an allusion civilization has basically build the nation Elasitas Indonesia in interacting with a difference. On the other hand the Indonesian people are also capable of investigating and developing local cultural allusions in the middle between civilizations.
Historical Evidence
History proves that the culture in Indonesia is able to co-exist, co-exist, and or run in parallel.For example, culture or royal palace that stood in line in parallel with the culture of hunting gathering specific communities. In the present context we can find how urban culture can be run in parallel with rural or rural culture, even with hunting gathering cultures that live far flung. Intercultural relations can be run in a frame interlaced "Unity in Diversity", which we can interpret the context of diversity is not just referring to the sheer diversity of ethnic groups, but to the cultural context.
Based also that the number of ethnic groups about ethnic 700'an across the country, with various types of diverse community groups, and religious diversity, Indonesia is a pluralistic society people are actually fragile. Fragile in the sense of the diversity of the difference it has the potential conflicts that dipunyainya also be sharper. The differences that exist in the community will be a driving force to strengthen the conflict issues that arise in the midst of the community in which the actual conflict arises from the other issues that do not pertain to cultural diversity. Such cases of conflicts in Indonesia where it is stated as a case of religious and ethnic conflict. In reality these conflicts didominsi by other issues that are more political and economic. Indeed there is no single cause in the case of conflict in Indonesia. However, some cases of conflict in Indonesia began to raise questions about the diversity that we have and how it should manage it properly.
Maintaining cultural diversity
In the present context, the wealth of culture to be much concerned with cultural products related to 3 form of culture that cultural knowledge, cultural attitudes or cultural practices are still valid, and physical products are tangible cultural artifacts or banguna. Some matters relating to the third form of culture that can be seen is the product include arts and literature, traditions, lifestyles, value systems, and belief systems. Cultural diversity in the context of this study is defined as more products or outcomes that exist in the present culture. In the context of a multicultural society, where cultural diversity is something to be preserved and respected presence.Cultural diversity is cutting cultural differences of the groups of people living in Indonesia. If we refer to the UNESCO Convention 2005 (Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions) on cultural diversity or "cultural diversity", defined as cultural diversity cultural wealth is seen as a way of existing in the culture of a group or community to express its expression . It is not only related to the cultural diversity of cultural backgrounds, but also variations in the way of artistic creation, production, dissemination, distribution and penghayatannya, regardless of the meaning and uses of technology. Or termed by UNESCO in 2005 as a UNESCO convention document "Expression of culture" (cultural expression). The content of cultural diversity will be referred to the symbolic meaning, artistic dimension and cultural values ​​that lie behind them.
Within this context of cultural knowledge will contain knowledge about the symbols used by the owners to understand and interpret their environment. Intangible cultural knowledge will usually cultural values ​​of ethnic and cultural values ​​of Indonesia, where the inside of indigenous wisdom and the local culture of local tribes. Local wisdom in the form of local cultural values ​​are reflected in the tradition of traditional ceremonies and artwork ethnic groups and indigenous peoples in the archipelago. While cultural behavior related to behavior or actions resulting from cultural values ​​that exist. Forms of cultural behavior can dirupakan in the form of daily behavior, interaction patterns, subsistence activities of the community, and so on. Or can we call cultural activities. In cultural artifacts, local knowledge of the Indonesian nation embodied in works of art or cultural objects (cultural heritage). If we look at the explanation above, it is actually Indonesia has a wealth of diverse forms. Not only the variety of forms but also about the origin. Cultural diversity is the real cultural wealth of the nation of Indonesia.